Loot 2011-07-06

July 7, 2011

I do most of my anime related shopping at AmiAmi. I have them combine my orders into monthly shipments, so I end up getting figures a bit late. Yesterday, on July 6th, I received my June order. This order was a pretty big one as it was composed of Tohsaka Rin from GSC, 2x Marikawa Shizuka from Chara-Ani, Kiriya Nozomi from MegaHouse, Satellizer el Bridget from Media Factory, Busujima Saeko from Dragon Age, 3x Fairy Tail oppai mouse pads, and a Super Sonico pillow.

I won’t go into detail on each figure as I’ll be producing separate posts for each figure. I hope you enjoy the following pictures and look forward to the upcoming posts.

Rin’s one of my favourite characters of all time. 🙂



Nozomi, what’s better than neko girls? 🙂


Satellizer has quickly become a favourite of mine. She’s beautiful, especially with those glasses. Great back story too.


Not a huge fan of Shizuka, but she’s an HOTD character so I have to support her. 🙂



Super Sonico is so cute. Nitroplus really did a good job making her their mascot. She’s absolutely stunning and really captures you.





I’m a huge HOTD fan, so I have a lot of HOTD merchandise. The cards are one of my favourite, so I included them in a full shot. They were a surprise in the HOTD music CD’s I bought, and I really think they look good. Small and well designed for an easy display.






It won’t be anytime soon, but I’ll be making a section for my oppai mouse pads. I’ve started collecting them, so I have quite a few. I made a post on Figure.fm, but I’ve gotten a little bit more since then. Couldn’t resist these Fairy Tail oppai. 🙂




Hello world!

July 7, 2011

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

First, I’d like to mention a little about myself. I love anime and anything related to it. I enjoy watching anime a lot, but I’m also a huge collector. I started out with just collecting anime and manga and then ventured into figure collecting. Figure collecting really took over and eventually it moved into other merchandise. I now collect anything anime related, be it pillows, posters, oppai mouse pads, etc.

I intend to use this blog to post about my thoughts on all things related anime. I’ll be posting pictures up of my figure collection, my posters, etc.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your stay!